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Freedom Of Expression Governed By Liberty, And the Moral & Ethical Standards of the Rule of Law.

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We believe all have the right to free expression of opinion about all things. No one has the right to impose their rights on anyone else. Here we encourage expression of opinion by all and demand respect of of opinion by all. If you are not willing to agree to disagree when needed then this is not your place. We encourage debate but not argument. There is hardly ever a winner in an argument. When two parties can't come to an agreement in any matter then both parties win by walking away, agreeing to disagree. 

Here at the Liberty Zone we provide the means for people of all walks of life to come in and share their opinions, thoughts, videos, stories, business ideas and experiences, success and non successes, life stories, political preferences, ambitions, dreams, and anything else one desires, as long as it is with in the guide lines outlined in the terms and conditions agreed upon when you register. 

The liberty of speech you enjoy here will always be based on your willingness to abide by moral and ethical standards of a society guided by light and knowledge of a growing and progressive people. Darkness, hate and anger, Immorality, foul and sexual explicit language, bullying, intimidation  and  any thing like unto it will not be tolerated. 

Otherwise, come on in. start or join a group or just share what's on your mind on the main discussion board. 

Our Beliefs

We The People just Need To be Americans, Peaceful Americans!  It's time to do away with all the division. We are all responsible for the unrest in America because we hesitate to allow everyone to have their opinions. True equality comes when we allow every man the right to think and act as he or she desires. That's also what a true freedom is. Isn’t diversity the power of a great nation? We desire for all to move beyond all the racism talk and just come together as true Americans!  

Business Interests

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Political Interests

This is Gods country! God is on the side of freedom. He needs us to be free and choose things for ourselves. The true price of freedom is diversity. Equality is found in a society where every person has that right to choose for themselves what they will do with their life. Equality is found in a society where the government governs, not dictates. Where the rule of law is respected and adhered to without prejudice. Equality is found in a society that respects it's constitution and it's God.

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